Mark Harris: It’s not Groundhog day, it’s another Obamacare delay

Raleigh, NC — Mark Harris responded today to the Obama administration’s latest delays to the health care law. Yesterday the administration announced yet another delay to Obamacare’s employer mandate. This marks the second time the administration has delayed the mandate, after the first delay was enacted on July 2, 2013 for one year. Even worse, the Obama administration added the announcement that it would extend the deadline to obtain coverage by March 1.

“After North Carolinians were notified of the horrific losses of employment on the way due to Obamacare, the last thing they need is another reminder that this law is failing,” said Mark Harris. “Despite the president’s many promises, parroted by Kay Hagan at every turn, North Carolinians are facing rate shock, cancellations, and lost access to trusted doctors. Countless Americans are now facing a harsh reality. Obamacare’s most dedicated supporters are now running away from this law, and this latest delay comes immediately after the nonpartisan CBO chief said that Obamacare ‘created a disincentive for people to work.’ People from across North Carolina are now left wondering, what’s next? But instead of getting answers, all we have is an incumbent Democrat Senator that not only refuses to stand up for North Carolinians, but has turned her back on the citizens of our state by staying silent.”

Bill Flynn Endorses Mark Harris in US Senate Race

Raleigh, NC—Monday, Former North Carolina US Senate candidate Bill Flynn hosted a press conference with Mark Harris. Flynn, a renowned radio broadcaster from the Triad recently ended his candidacy for North Carolina’s US Senate race. Flynn announced today his endorsement and support of Mark Harris’s candidacy in the US Senate primary. The campaigns met in Kernersville with their closest friends and supporters at Prissy Polly’s BBQ.

“Although I’ve stepped away from my own bid for the U.S.Senate, I have not abandoned my commitment to the vital principles of liberty, limited government, faith, and family,” said Bill Flynn. “These principles and the Constitution itself are today under attack as never before, and we must rise to their defense. Fortunately, we have one candidate who shares this view, Dr. Mark Harris.”

“As Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church in Charlotte and the former President of the North Carolina Baptist State Convention, Mark Harris has the necessary vision combined with proven business and leadership skills. He is the voice for those of us who recognize the dysfunction of big government and the damaging effects of tax-and-spend politics. Mark firmly believes in American exceptionalism, as did Ronald Reagan, who saw America as the “Shining city upon a hill.””

“I am confident that Mark will represent us well. Most importantly, he is committed to the same values shared by those who supported my own candidacy. I am, therefore, enthusiastically supporting Mark Harris and am encouraging my fellow North Carolinians to now work with me to make Mark Harris our next United States Senator,” Flynn concluded.

The endorsement further solidifies Mark Harris as the bridge candidate, the only candidate in the race that can unite the electorate instead of dividing it- as noted by Governor Mike Huckabee.

“I am humbled and honored to receive Bill Flynn’s endorsement and support,” said Mark Harris. “We both agree that voters here are seeing and feeling first hand the damage that politics as usual has done to our state and nation. I am thankful for Bill’s willingness to run and for the times we crossed paths on the campaign trail. I am truly grateful for his vote of confidence in this race. This is a big endorsement and will intensify our growing grassroots momentum.”

Mark Harris Announces Key Endorsement in US Senate Race

Former North Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice I. Beverly Lake today announced his support of Mark Harris in North Carolina’s US Senate Primary.

Chief Justice Lake praised Harris as an honest, trustworthy conservative who will fight for North Carolina values in the U.S. Senate.

In his endorsement, Chief Justice Lake expressed “full confidence in Mark’s leadership abilities, his courage, and his commitment to our Republican values,” and encouraged North Carolinians to line up behind Harris’ candidacy.

“We have watched far too many elected officials, even Republicans, that are too timid and scared to fight the really important fights,” said Justice Lake. “Mark Harris will never be one of those. In the United States Senate, he will not be afraid to take a stand – even if the media, the lobbyists, our GOP leaders, or the President are all lined up against him.”

“I am honored to have received this endorsement from a fellow Republican, Chief Justice Lake,” said Mark Harris. “During his tenure in the North Carolina Supreme Court, Chief Justice Lake consistently demonstrated principled, conservative leadership and I am excited to have earned his support in this race, and humbled that he will be urging his friends and colleagues to join us as well.”