As a young man, I remember my parents dropping me off to volunteer for Ronald Reagan’s campaign for President at his headquarters on Healy Drive in Winston –  Salem.  As I worked at the office and soaked up President Reagan’s governing philosophy, I remember learning something very simple about American politics—a strong America is built like a three-legged stool: a strong domestic policy, a strong foreign policy, and a commitment to traditional values. If one of those legs is weak, the stool can’t stand. As a candidate and as a US Senator, that three-legged stool will remain embedded in my mind as the foundation for renewing America.” – Mark Harris

Mark Harris is committed to Strong Domestic Policy, Strong Foreign Policy, and a Dedication to Traditional Values

  • Strong, conservative domestic policy built around honoring the Constitution.
  • Smaller government.  Less taxation, spending, and wasting.  Allow the free market to drive economic progress.
  • Honor our Constitution which protects our God-given rights from the threat of government.

Strong Domestic Policy must be Supported by Strong Foreign Policy

  • Strong national defense for our military, both at home and in harm’s way, are given the resources they need to continue to protect us.
  • Strong foreign policy demands that our allies know exactly where we stand, and our enemies do too.
  • America must never shrink from its great and awesome responsibility to be that shining city on the hill.

Recommit to the Values Which Made America Great

  • Dedication to the traditional values of faith and family.
  • Commitment to everyone’s right to worship God as they please, and to stop the federal government’s assault on religious liberty.
  • Pro-life, pro-family, and pro-marriage between one man and one woman

“As a native of our great state I have had a unique opportunity to invest myself in the lives of North Carolinians from all walks of life and to share in their challenges, their successes, and their concerns about the future of our country.  I’m in this race to give North Carolinians the voice in Washington they have been calling for, and that voice will be conservative and solutions-oriented.” –Mark Harris