Mark Harris Announces Key Endorsement in US Senate Race

Former North Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice I. Beverly Lake today announced his support of Mark Harris in North Carolina’s US Senate Primary.

Chief Justice Lake praised Harris as an honest, trustworthy conservative who will fight for North Carolina values in the U.S. Senate.

In his endorsement, Chief Justice Lake expressed “full confidence in Mark’s leadership abilities, his courage, and his commitment to our Republican values,” and encouraged North Carolinians to line up behind Harris’ candidacy.

“We have watched far too many elected officials, even Republicans, that are too timid and scared to fight the really important fights,” said Justice Lake. “Mark Harris will never be one of those. In the United States Senate, he will not be afraid to take a stand – even if the media, the lobbyists, our GOP leaders, or the President are all lined up against him.”

“I am honored to have received this endorsement from a fellow Republican, Chief Justice Lake,” said Mark Harris. “During his tenure in the North Carolina Supreme Court, Chief Justice Lake consistently demonstrated principled, conservative leadership and I am excited to have earned his support in this race, and humbled that he will be urging his friends and colleagues to join us as well.”