Mark Harris: It’s not Groundhog day, it’s another Obamacare delay

Raleigh, NC — Mark Harris responded today to the Obama administration’s latest delays to the health care law. Yesterday the administration announced yet another delay to Obamacare’s employer mandate. This marks the second time the administration has delayed the mandate, after the first delay was enacted on July 2, 2013 for one year. Even worse, the Obama administration added the announcement that it would extend the deadline to obtain coverage by March 1.

“After North Carolinians were notified of the horrific losses of employment on the way due to Obamacare, the last thing they need is another reminder that this law is failing,” said Mark Harris. “Despite the president’s many promises, parroted by Kay Hagan at every turn, North Carolinians are facing rate shock, cancellations, and lost access to trusted doctors. Countless Americans are now facing a harsh reality. Obamacare’s most dedicated supporters are now running away from this law, and this latest delay comes immediately after the nonpartisan CBO chief said that Obamacare ‘created a disincentive for people to work.’ People from across North Carolina are now left wondering, what’s next? But instead of getting answers, all we have is an incumbent Democrat Senator that not only refuses to stand up for North Carolinians, but has turned her back on the citizens of our state by staying silent.”